Saturday, January 28, 2012

At the Beach with Gunner

Gunners' footprints at the beach. Three months old.

I spent the day with Gunner today, and we went to the park. This park has a charming little wooden bridge. that spans the playground area to the beach. So an hour at the playground, then over the bridge to the beach. Gunner has a facinating little mind, in that he finds beauty in symmetry, and in what others would call grotesque.

He spent all his energy dragging a craggy, waterlogged piece of driftwood out of the water, through the sand, and up to me. I showed him what barnicles were, and sea worms, and he said "this is cool isn't it"? I quickly agreed with him that yes it was cool.

A little later, he brought me a shell, shining with pink and hints of purple, sand encrusted, but totally beautiful, totally perfect, "this is cool isn't it"? Yes, I agreed with him that it was. I hope his definition of cool never changes.

Mangrove at E.G. Simmons Park - Tampa Bay, FL by philippietri

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