Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ladies Please......

if you insist on wearing a ring on every finger and thumb you have, could you at least buy rings that compliment each other? Lately, I have seen women with such a mish-mash on their hands, it is truly laughable; and I know that is not the reaction they're going for. Besides, it is passe´.  Out of fashion for a while now.

Update: 4/19/11
This excerpt from the editors of Lucky Magazine for Home Shopping Network:
Silver Destinations Hammered Bypass Ring Item: 118-147
There’s something so delicate and feminine—yet super cool—about piling on multiple rings on several fingers. Don’t worry about matching metals—the more uncalculated the approach, the bigger the appeal. Don’t worry if it feels a little haphazard—the ultimate effect will look appealingly unstudied.

I guess my OP is off the mark, and outdated and just plain wrong, NOT. Since they are accepting advertising monies to sell multiple items, I find the above paragraph to be extremly self serving. Appealingly unstudied equals it's attractive because you didn't put any effort into it. NOT.

"Don't worry if it feels a little haphazard?"

 I guess I could be wrong......wait for it......NOT.

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