Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time Management

March Birthstone: Aquamarine
                                                                 Private Collection

Time Management

Yes, the dreaded time management post. Ok, I admit it, I am frightfully behind in my Monthly Birthstone work and subsequently my postings of same. I just finished the Kyanite and Pearl necklace, and it is past March 15th. Where are the aquamarines you ask? It's March, you say.  Well, say I, I need to manage my time in a more "timely" manner, or.....

My dad told me once, "If you have a problem, solve it! or walk away from it".
Meaning, (in a weird Pennsylvania Dutch way), that if you can't do anything about the problem itself, make it irrelevant or unimportant, to YOU.

So here's how it works: I decided I was going to make a new piece each month with the Birth Stone of that month, Well, it is not, and has not, been possible so far. Too many other pieces to finish or embellish. So.....I have now proclaimed that the work on the Birth Stone of the month will start in that month.

Marketing wise, it is a bad strategy, for sales of Birth Stone jewelry hits its peak in the weeks before the Month begins. However, the Aquamarine category is nicely staffed, and the artist must be sated before the vendor enters, stage left.

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