Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Page vs Blog

Who remembers when you had to have a Home Page in order to be au currant? , with it?, cool? Was it the forerunner to the blog? An ancient ancestor that ultimately became the cut & paste parent of the dreaded, Holiday Newsletter?

Developers then added Guest Book as a feature, where the relatively few other denizens of the WWW could add a name and a comment. Not exactly interactive, but a big advance for the time.

Home Page was replaced by myriad personal websites, (most boring) recording the minutia of everyday lives, recipes, etc., and then the big push, as America realized the commercial opportunity labeled “e-commerce.“
Now comes the blog; an interactive area where an individual can record anything and have complete strangers comment about it. The Web Log, or…. Blog.

I had a Home Page, of course. For about 10 minutes. It was one of those Free Home Page services, offered by companies trolling for website customers, and used by folks who did not know HTML coding, and were not about to buy a program to do it for them, and then pay for all the add-ons the Hosting company charged. After making my Home Page, I remember thinking, “OK, now what?” From there, I went on to my first website; e-commerce, of course.

OMG, who remembers the GUI? If you did not have to Telnet data to your Internet files, you were just about the coolest thing ever! Where are we now? Thirteenth Gen? Even more? It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Those of you out there who remember “Information needs to be free” are invited to comment.

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