Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chanel No. 5

Another year. Down to the dregs. Don't you think things like Chanel No. 5 should automatically replenish themselves? Blink twice and the bottle magically refills?

The first bottle I had, was a present from my Mother on, I think I remember, my Thirteenth Birthday, and I have been a Number 5 since. And, Chanel has always been a word we use interchangably with fashion, so I have followed the House of Chanel since then, as the benchmark for what to wear.

So, what to wear next year? On a cruise, at the beach or in the Tropics?
Briefly, 70's and See Thru.
Chanel "Cruise 2010/11

I found the line delightfully femine.

Interestingly, Chanels' line of jewelry in Mothers' time was primarily, high end costume, and my Mother would have none of it. Costume in the Forties, and Fiftes, (now called Hollywood Regency) was fabulously glitzy, and ultimately feminine. But, if it wasn't real, she wasn't wearing it.  She was the most important influence in my life, then and now, so that really is why I only work with authentic gemstone beads, Sterling or Gold findings.

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